We_Walk is a movement in three parts. A visual narrative spotlighting the turbulence experienced through the separation of space and time. Two forms, moving in and out of phase with each other, mirror the harmony and desynchronization of life. Users control the familiar motions and proximity of the characters via external push-knobs. The piece draws inspiration from lovers, past and present; friendships made soft by distance, and the growing political boundaries threatening to isolate our world and confine us to our screens.


Developed during a summer residency at the School for Poetic Computation, we_walked explores subtle behavioral manipulations to evoke affect such as distance, perspective, local and global rotation, and transparency. Created in openFrameworks, the triptych runs on two Raspberry Pi's and one mac mini allowing users to control the proximity of the characters within the screens.


music by memoire soundcloud.com/memoiremusic


Developed at: School For Poetic Computation

Category: OpenFrameworks, Interaction Design

Faculty: Zach Leiberman

Team: Carmen Aguilar y Wedge



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