Client: Sundance New Frontiers 2017

Category: Experience Design, Virtual Reality,

               Product Design

Team: Hyphen-Labs

          Ashley Baccus-Clark

          Ece Tankal

          Carmen Aguilar y Wedge

          Nitzu Bartov

          Halime Maloof

          Lajune Mcmillian

          Michelle Cortese

          Adam Harvey



          Mert Çetinkaya

          Dyane Harvey

          Ludmila Leiva

          Adam Sobolew

          Future Media Labs

          Mind Traveler Design





NSAF innovates on how we will engage with black women through content in their digital future.   Exploring alternative content through tangible products, new worlds and  3D landscapes, and scientific research, in order to inform and change the way we depict black women in society, culture, and the future. Our philosophy is to create an impactful narrative that inspires the next generation of developers and media consumers, to radically transform virtual reality into a world where people of color exist, and to prove that VR and human centered design can be a tool for the betterment of society.