Fab Textiles, Open sourcing fashion production for a global innovation ecosystem


Fab Textiles is a platform and research line co-funded by Anastasia Pistofidou and Fab Lab Barcelona.

This applied research line is focused on textiles, soft architectures and innovative materials.  Experimenting with new materials and processes, combining digital fabrication techniques and crafts, fabtextiles is demonstrating how new technologies can shift the massive consumption of fast fashion to a customized, personal and local fabrication applied on education and every day life.

The platform with its different activities incubates  investigation & research , artistic & performative arts applications, innovation in materials and digital craftsmanship, collaborations with industry & brands that already use the infrastructure of a digital fabrication laboratory  for their production.



Developed by: FabTextiles

Category: Fashion

Client: e-Textile International Workshops

Team: Anastasia Pistofidou





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