Client: Husk & Marrow, SF

Category: Video Production

          Edited by: Ece - Eda Tankal

          Sound Designer: Mert Cetinkaya

          Producers: Ece Tankal,

          Carmen Aguilar y Wedge

          Creatures Designer and Supervisor:

          Ece Tankal, Ilkim Er, Anastasia

          Pistofidou, Carmen Aguilar y Wedge

          Director of Photography: Seda Tugutlu

Resident Jacket: Conjuring, 2016

Whilst on a research trip in Moscow, a team of creatives had a digital fabrication accident with a cursed laser cutter. Refusing to believe the superstition, they assembled the pieces, but once they were all together….it was too late. This summer, it's the machines that you should be afraid of... Be careful what you ‘make.'

Hyphen Labs presents, a short movie by Ece Tankal and Carmen Aguilar y Wedge.

Client: Husk & Marrow, SF

Category: Digital Fabrication & Wearables

Team:  Hyphen-Labs

          Ece Tankal

          Anastasia Pistofidou

          Carmen Aguilar y Wedge

          Chelsea Nobbs / Deb Leal

          FabLab Moscow




The possibilities of new techniques and processes of digital fabrication applied in fashion.


‘[mod] one in’ is a modular shoulder piece developed in FabLab Barcelona. Modular systems adopts the approach where “minimum inventory and maximum diversity” is embraced as a strategy to construct an object by assembling together identical units to articulate larger compositions.


A reconfigurable array of triangular felt pieces is developed for the workshop together with a interlocking seam system that doesn’t utilize any sewing in the assembly. The re-configurability and the possibility for disassembly of the piece  provokes user participation


The V-shaped denim pieces on the chest and the back interlocks into the system with the same strategy, enabling users to expand or contract the overall form simply by adding and subtracting units.


Featured at the 2016-San Francisco Husk & Marrow Art Show

Husk & Marrow,

San Francisco June 2016

Husk & Marrow is a group art show hosted by Chelsea Nobbs and Deb Leal. Hyphen-Labs was invited to join  a group of creatives to design, reconstruct, or modify a jacket that defined our personal style.  #huskandmarrow



Aleksandra Zee, Allie Felton, Chelsea Nobbs, Deb Leal, Ericka Ames, Got A Girl Crush, Hyphen-Labs, Isabella Hill, Kayla Jones, Mallory Lucille Rose, Pakayla Biehn, Sarah Zehr

Husk & Marrow Interview,

San Francisco 2016

Interview with Carmen from Hyphen-Labs for the Husk & Marrow Art Exhibition: June 2016